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English Rules

Message par Art'Core le Mer 14 Déc - 21:47

The basics

• First, respect is required. No insult, racist, hateful, pornographic, sensitive, etc. Is permitted. Be careful not to confuse pornography and artistic nudity!

• Politeness is very important, a "hello", "please", "thank you" is better if you want to have answers.

• The SMS language and abbreviations are forbidden, for better comprehension for all.

• Double accounts are forbidden!

• Plagiarism is prohibited, all creations you find here are the property of their authors, keep the copyright.

• Advertising by MP is prohibited. (If you receive, please notify a member of the staff). We only allow a link in your profile.

• If you have any concerns with a member, subject, message or forum operation, please feel free to send a private message to an administrator.

• Any breach of this regulation will lead to a sanction, more or less severe according to the gravity. This can range from the prohibition of self-service to the final ban.

Small reminder

• You are asked to choose a pseudo readable, without too many symbols.

• As far as the avatar is concerned, the size must be 200 * 400 pixels and must not represent violent or pornographic images or it will be deleted.

• The signature must not be too large either to avoid deformations of the forum, if it is too long thank you to put under spoiler.

• After the registration, it is imperative to go HERE, to be validated and to access the whole forum. We leave you a month to start your listing! Otherwise, you will be removed from the forum.

• If you forget a few things in your presentation, you will have 2 weeks to provide a valid presentation. If your presentation is still not in compliance after this time, you will be deleted and your form dropped.


• The following colors are reserved exclusively for the staff

Title Green = progression / validated
Title orange  = pending / non-compliant
Title Red = closed / Refused
Title Blue = open to members

• Who is who, and what roles assigned to whom?

Art'Alpha Suprême:


Art'beta: Members ++

Art'Beta omega:


Art'Betanimateur: Host(esse) (they have moderators right ont the flood forum)

Art'Betagraph: Grafist (they have moderator right on the graphisme forum)

• For orders, you are entitled to a UP every two days. If your order remains unanswered after a week, it will be archived.

• Read the rules of each section carefully, or you want to post new topics, avoid unnecessary mistakes and confusion. Thank you.

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